Facelift Surgery and Rhytidectomy

The facelift is a procedure that can reverse the effects of time to give a younger appearance of the face.

Facelift Surgery and Rhytidectomy
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Facelift Surgery and Rhytidectomy

Unlock the beauty of youth and confidence with Dr. Rassouli, a renowned expert in cosmetic facial rejuvenation. With a passion for artistry and a commitment to excellence, Dr. Rassouli specializes in transformative face and necklift procedures that restore harmony and vitality to your appearance. Discover the personalized care and unparalleled results that have made Dr. Rassouli a trusted name in cosmetic surgery.

Indications for Cosmetic Face & Necklift:

Dr. Rassouli’s expertise encompasses a comprehensive range of indications for cosmetic face and necklift procedures, including:

  1. Sagging Facial Tissues: Addressing laxity and drooping of facial skin and muscles, particularly in the cheeks, jowls, and neck.
  2. Deep Wrinkles and Folds: Smoothing out lines and creases, such as nasolabial folds and marionette lines, to achieve a more youthful and refreshed appearance.
  3. Loss of Facial Volume: Restoring volume in areas of the face affected by volume loss, including the cheeks, temples, and under-eye hollows.
  4. Jawline and Neck Contouring: Enhancing definition and contouring the jawline and neck for a more sculpted and youthful profile.
  5. Neck Banding and Turkey Wattle: Addressing vertical bands, cords, or excess skin in the neck area to create a smoother, more rejuvenated neckline.

Popular Desired Outcomes:

Patients entrust their aesthetic aspirations to Dr. Rassouli with the shared desire to achieve:

  1. Natural-looking Rejuvenation: Dr. Rassouli’s meticulous approach and attention to detail result in subtle yet remarkable transformations that enhance your natural beauty.
  2. Youthful Vitality: Restoring a youthful, refreshed appearance that reflects the vibrancy and energy you feel inside.
  3. Confidence and Self-assurance: Empowering patients with renewed confidence and self-assurance, allowing them to face the world with grace and poise.
  4. Harmonious Facial Balance: Achieving facial harmony and balance that complements your unique features and proportions.
  5. Lasting Satisfaction: Enjoying long-lasting results that evolve gracefully over time, ensuring enduring satisfaction and fulfillment.

Experience the artistry and expertise of Dr. Rassouli and embark on a journey to rediscover your beauty and confidence. Schedule a consultation today to explore personalized treatment options tailored to your individual needs and goals. With Dr. Rassouli as your partner, the timeless allure of youth is within reach.

If you have been thinking about refreshing your look or wonder if a facelift is the right choice for you, contact us to arrange your consultation.