Skin Cancer and Melanoma Treatment

Most skin cancers are on the face, head & neck area which are highly visible.

Skin Cancer and Melanoma Treatment
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Skin Cancer and Melanoma Treatment

Most skin cancers need to be excised and reconstructed with either skin flaps (moving skin from around the area) or grafts (moving skin from another location to the excised cancer area). In addition to having excellent technique, it is of integral importance that attention is paid to the aesthetic side of the procedure. This will minimize the effect of scarring on the face.

Before and after image of patient undergone skin cancer surgery

This procedure is covered under OHIP. If you would like a consultation, a referral is needed from your family doctor.


Dr. Rassouli has led the development of this highly sought after new skin cancer center in Grey Bruce. They have created the first multidisciplinary and comprehensive skin cancer program in Grey Bruce and will continuously improve the access and quality of care to the community.

It is the first and the only multi-disciplinary skin cancer program in Grey Bruce. They champion patient-centered care, tailoring their services to meet individual needs and foster a supportive environment where your health and well-being take precedence.
Ask your doctor to refer you to the Grey Bruce Center of Excellence for Skin Cancer for unparalleled expertise, a compassionate touch, and a commitment to your skin health journey.

If you would like to be referred to this OHIP-covered service, ask your doctor to fax the referral here.